Gut Punch Poetry #2

How do you believe in yourself when the path forward is unclear? Where does the faith that you will be able to do what you set out to do come from? My second #poem from the #gutcheckpoetry book I’m sharing out loud, is about what it feels like to not have a clear plan, and build the momentum youContinue reading “Gut Punch Poetry #2”

Gut Punch Poetry – Readings

I had a suggestion from a friend that it might be cool to read some of the poems I’ve written and talk a bit about what inspired them. Given most of my poetry (that I’m calling “Gut Punch Poetry – Short Poems to Make You Leave the Job You Had Too Long”) is about improvement,Continue reading “Gut Punch Poetry – Readings”

Voices in Your Head

You should really stop ignoring themThey’re not going away You can’t quiet them with distance or remove them with violenceYou can’t pay them off or wish them away They already know that you believe themThat argument was lost before it even began But they’re waiting for you to listenAnd they get louder with each dayContinue reading “Voices in Your Head”