Recovery Run: Daryl

Daryl, here …..well from S.W. Wisconsin….always loved running when I was younger…..nobody ever bothers you when your running…but they all wish they were doing it !!! I only started running again Sept. of 2014, did a sprint triathlon out of the blue, basically dared myself I couldn’t do it…It was defiantly an eye opener, howContinue reading “Recovery Run: Daryl”

Alicia: A personal challenge reveals a whole new community.

“Why do I run? I was never a runner but I have always loved two things; helping others overcome their challenges and taking on challenges for personal growth. A few years ago, my brother challenged me to do something that seemed so outlandish that it put into perspective the phrase, “What doesn’t kill you, makesContinue reading “Alicia: A personal challenge reveals a whole new community.”

Finding Direction

Carlos For some of us, we begin by running away from something. I believe what Carlos found, and what many of us find, is that, somewhere along the way, we realize we are running toward something bigger. “Running began a month before my 30th bday. I felt unsatisfied with where my life was going. IContinue reading “Finding Direction”