Aaron and Andy – Small Book Chptr 1

Started writing a small book. Here’s the first chapter. — Would love to know your thoughts. (Mind the Un-edited nature of it) Fucking up your life is a liberating experience. There’s a certain amount of validation that comes with knowing what you are supposed to do, knowing what they want you to do, even knowingContinue reading “Aaron and Andy – Small Book Chptr 1”

My Writing is Crap

It happens more often than I would like it to. I read something I just wrote and, after a short internal deliberation, I realize it is pure garbage, waste, so craptastically bad I have to erase it before it finds its way into the world. Sometimes it’s just a sentence. Others, it’s a paragraph. OnceContinue reading “My Writing is Crap”

Kilmer – Pursuing Direct Experience (Interview and Podcast)

When Doctors, CEOs, and very wealthy people come up to a person and say “I want your life!” the first question a person might ask is, what the heck does that person do? When you figure out the person is both a Sailboat Captain and a writer the real question is, how the hell doesContinue reading “Kilmer – Pursuing Direct Experience (Interview and Podcast)”