Experts of Our Potential — The Book

The rules of the economy have been changing. Only, most of us didn’t get the memo. In “Experts of Our Potential” One Performance Consultant and his client, Chris, learn this lesson the hard way.

This is the story many coaches don’t like to talk about. The challenging client, the one that makes them shake their head, and in this case, the one that gets them to quit the business all-together. But it’s more than just Chris that is challenging this once successful performance consultant, it’s the changing nature of the economy and it’s effects on the value of the service he delivers. A challenge both will have to face together.

Packed with insights on the changing nature of work, neuroscience, coaching, psychology and business, Experts of Our Potential is not just a great story, it is a forward thinking and inspirational look at what can happen when we change how we look at change.

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