Webinars and Group Calls

I’m working hard to create group calls and webinars designed to help you build the mindset muscles that will enable you to reach your goals. Join us for a group call, sign up for a webinar, or request something customized for you or your group.

What Went Well? -Group Brain Workout

This is the weekly workout that everyone can (and should) join for free every Friday at Noon MST.
One hour of joining a community of folks helping other people identify where they are bringing value to the world and sharing their own story.
Sounds simple, but the power of connecting, focusing on what’s in our control, and building a mindset that is constantly looking for opportunities in the world is life changing.
Join us and change a life…maybe your own.

Top Five Reasons People Undersell Themselves (webinar)

Many people feel undervalued, underutilized, and underpaid in the jobs they have and the businesses they run. They know they should be making more or doing something more of what they love, but they can’t build the confidence to turn those thoughts into reality.

This webinar will help you understand why we constantly undervalue ourselves, we give away our safety and validation to other people, and what we can do to start realizing our real value in our jobs, our businesses, and our lives today.

Email me for more info.

How to Make Running Not Suck

Lots of people hate running. LOTS of people.

But, for many people, the reason it sucks has less to do with the activity and much more to do with the mindset people have developed around the activity.

This webinar is designed to give you the tools needed to turn an activity that you once hated into one that you might actually look forward to…over time.

No magic tricks here, just brain workouts, within your physical workouts, to help both become a little bit easier.

Email me for more info.

Join us and start building your mindset muscles today!