Leading Yourself So Others Will Follow Workshops

When was the last time you took and entire day to get really clear about what you do well, what you really care about, and where you have had success in your business or career?

Most people know very well what they would like to improve, where their short-comings lie, or what they want to stop doing in their professional lives. Few, however, are able to confidently say what they do better than anyone in the world, where they have the biggest capacity for making a difference, or the highest potential for delivering value.

In our workshops, we make Experts of Potential. Whether with an in-tact team or a group of individuals, participants learn to apply an evidence-based process to move from reactive-problem-solving to proactive-value-creation. We believe, in the current economy, having the ability to handle ambiguity, find hidden opportunities, and resiliently pursue a broader vision are in-valuable. And they are the skills we help you develop.

What if you, and your team, knew how to identify their biggest opportunities based on their own highest potential? What if you could increase the levels of engagement throughout the process of achieving a goal in a simple and straight-forward manner?

Problem solving is an important skills, we aren’t denying that. We simply a systematic approach to understanding what you do well, Why You Win, can have a ton of value to any individual or organization who believes they have more potential to be realized.




“Brian has the heart of teacher. He has found his true life calling in motivating individuals and companies to extract their ultimate value. In a one day workshop, Brian provided me the tools to answer questions I had been struggling for months to answer on my own.  If you are at a crossroad in your career, or you have lost sight of what you value in your professional life, I highly recommend you seek out an opportunity to connect with Brian.” -Tom Moore, Real Estate Professional